Marija Dabetić

MD, psychiatrist, psychotherapist in training

Field of expertise

Dr Marija Dabetić practices individual psychotherapy, diagnostics and works with families of drug addicts. In her practice she has most often encountered persons suffering from depression, different anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder), addiction, couples in crisis, as well as functional individuals facing difficulties and challenges in everyday life. Her experience extends to working with persons addicted to drugs, gambling, and the Internet.


Marija is a doctor of medicine and psychotherapist in training for Rational Emotional Behaviour Therapy (REBT) with the Albert Ellis Institute (New York). She is also familiar with systemic family therapy for addiction. She completed her specialization at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Medicine.

Dr Marija gained her experience in working with psychiatric patients as part of the specialization at the Clinical Centre of Serbia Psychiatry Clinic and at the Savski Venac Health Centre, where in addition to working as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, she was also the doctor in charge at the Centre for Addiction and Substitutional Therapy.

Dr Marija works at the Institute for Mental Health in Belgrade, at the Clinic for Addiction Diseases, where she encounters a wide range of psychopathology.

She is the author or co-author of several papers presented at international symposia on addiction diseases, i.e. psychiatric comorbidities and addiction diseases.

Dr Dabetić considers psychotherapy exceptionally significant, both for people who have mental disorders and difficulties, and for functional individuals who want to grow emotionally. A particular field of her interest is the application of REBT in working with patients with multiple comorbidity conditions, as well as the possibilities and achievements in combined psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy.

Qualifications and members

  • psychiatry specialisation, University of Belgrade Faculty of Medicine
  • trained in the state-of-the-art science-based approach to working with addicts by a team of experts from the Espace Indépendance, Centre for Rehabilitation and Addiction Treatment, Strasbourg, a collaboration between the Centre for Substitution Therapy at the Savski Venac Health Centre and Médecins du Monde.
  • certified by the Regional Association of Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) for FreD – Early Intervention for Young Drug Users/FreD goes net.
  • psychotherapist-in-training, Albert Ellis Institute (New York)

Services provided

  • individual psychotherapy for adults
  • psychodiagnostics
  • counselling
  • group therapy for addiction


Languages in which therapy is provided: Serbian-Bosnian-Croatian, English
Therapy setting: in person & online