Slobodan Đudurović

President of the Board of the Reverie Center

Slobodan is a film and TV producer, with a degree from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, with over 19 years of experience in the media industry, who believes that there are still more questions than answers. As an initiator, creator, organizer, or team member of numerous projects in the fields of television, film, advertising, and public relations, he has learned that one must continue to learn.

There are at least two fundamental lines that determine Slobodan’s motivation to join the team of the Reverie Centre. One line is his interest in psychology as one of the pillars of the overall development of social relationships, and the other is a belief in the necessity of psychological support and education for every individual in contemporary world we live in. Therefore, with the knowledge and experience in the areas that represent his field of work, Slobodan is playing an important role in advancing the Centre’s desired objectives.