Uroš Antić

Psychologist, psychodrama therapist

Field of expertise

Uroš Antić practices individual psychotherapy and group psychodrama therapy. Throughout his clinical experience, he has encountered various types of psychological disorders and issues, and he is focused on providing expert assistance and support in overcoming the difficulties that people face.


Uroš Antić is a psychologist and psychodrama psychotherapist. He completed his psychology studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. He gained clinical experience at the psychiatric clinic of the “Dr. Dragiša Mišović-Dedinje” hospital and in private practice.

During and after his studies, he collaborated with various non-governmental organizations to provide psychological assistance and support to vulnerable groups, such as people living with HIV, war veterans, adolescents in endangered minority groups, and others. He completed psychodrama education in Belgrade within the Serbian Psychodrama Association “Moreno” in collaboration with the Oxford School of Psychodrama. In addition to psychodrama education, he underwent numerous training sessions related to psychotherapeutic work, such as training in the application of the EMDR method in therapeutic work, working with traumas, using play in therapeutic work with children and adolescents, and more.

In addition, he completed a significant number of training sessions related to teamwork, communication, team collaboration, conflict resolution, and other topics related to daily life and work. He is also involved in narrative design and game design, primarily of an educational nature. As a consultant, he has been working in the gaming industry since 2018 in various positions.

Uroš conducts individual and group psychodramatic psychotherapy with adolescents and adults. Additionally, he leads psychological training, workshops, and sessions aimed at personal growth and development, as well as the growth and success of the corporate sector.

Qualifications and members

  • BSc & Master’s degree in psychology, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Psychodrama psychotherapist (SPA Moreno)
  • EMDR practicioner

Services provided

  • Individual psychotherapy for adults and adolescents
  • Group therapy
  • Workshops and trainings


Languages in which therapy is provided: Serbian-Bosnian-Croatian, English
Therapy setting: in person & online